Ultimate Batocera Retro Gaming Console
Ultimate Batocera Retro Gaming Console
Ultimate Batocera Retro Gaming Console
Ultimate Batocera Retro Gaming Console
Ultimate Batocera Retro Gaming Console
Ultimate Batocera Retro Gaming Console
Ultimate Batocera Retro Gaming Console

Ultimate Batocera Retro Gaming Console

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Supported Games

The ULTIMATE Batocera 38 retro gaming console, featuring a 1TB game drive with over 60 systems! Plug it into any TV or monitor for instant gaming, or use it to upgrade an arcade cabinet. 

The N5105 processor easily out-performs the Pi4, and all Kinhank models to achieve full speed emulation for Saturn, Dreamcast and PS2 games. 

Includes retro-achievements, game artwork, videos, box art, custom launch screens, bezels and international language options. Save your game at any point, and mark "favorites" for easy search and browsing. 

Easily add and remove games, or connect a secondary hard drive to expand your gaming collection. The built-in media scraper will pull down new box art, logos and videos for any added titles. 

Up to 4-player gaming using any USB or BT Xbox controller. Plug-and-play support for arcade controls using Zero Delay or IPAC encoders. Plug-and-play support for Wiimotes, Sinden, AE light gun, Guncon 2, AimTrak, and GUN4IR

What's Included

1 * Mini PC, Intel N5105, 4-core 8-thread, Intel UHD Graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM

1 * 128GB M.2 Windows 11 boot SSD

1 * 1TB Batocera SSD

2 * Wireless PS2 Style Controllers

1 * Power adapter

1 * HDMI Cable

Free 2-3 day shipping within the US. International shipping options are available at checkout. Please check VAT taxes prior to ordering as they may be required before delivery. 

All components are new. 30 day returns accepted. 6 month warranty included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Amazing console , all the games that I played as a young man and what my kids played growing up. Delivery and tracking was 1st class it arrived literally in a few days and not waiting week after week.

Only issue I had was the control pads worked ok in a game but you could not exit a game back to the sub menu or main menu .

This was soon fixed by a friend who knew how to adapt my ps4 controllers to work .

I had very good customer service too from Paul at umbrella arcades .

All in all I am very happy with this product and if anyone is looking for a console with all the older games in one place , I highly recommend this mini pc / console.

Excellent Product!

From the easy setup to an amazing build, the batocera pc performs with excellence. I had a little trouble connecting my own arcade controls, however Umbrella Arcade's outstanding customer service was able to point me in the right direction with any question I had.

Paul Sellars
Ultimate Batocera Console

I very pleased with purchase. I have wanted a mini pc which already came with batocera and the games and would be plug and play. This does not the job. I was expecting the console to come with wired controllers but instead I got wireless ones which is another bonus.

William Schierer
Money well spent

This is truly one of the best systems money can buy. I purchased my system about a year ago and it definitely brought back a lot of childhood memories. My family and I truly love this system. The Umbrella Arcades team has the best customer service I ever experienced. If you ever have any issues they walk you through the fixing process until your issue is resolved. If you have any questions they get back to you as soon as they possibly can which is typically within a few hours. They stand by their product and try to ensure you enjoy the best retro gaming experience money can buy. If you want a great system that has a lot of games for a great price I highly recommend umbrella arcades.

Yeah, buy this. It's the one you want.

I've been wanting to play retro games at home, but don't have the time/inclination to build my own. Also i've looked at the ones they sell on Amazon, but they're pretty glitchy and like have too many games that are non-us imports and don't work properly, etc.

This is what you want. I got this for Xmas plugged it in and right away i'm playing the Ninja Turtles Arcade game with my two girls (ages 8 and 6) - all the games work great, the interface is what you want, it's just awesome.

Treat yourself and buy this. This is the home retro game console you've been wanting.