Batocera Console Setup & User Guide (old)

Basic Setup
1. Plug the HDMI cord into the Mini PC next to the power cord.
2. (5600H only) Plug the hard drive into any blue USB port.
3. Turn on both controllers.
4. Press the power button on the system.
Basic Controls
Select: "A"
Back: "B"
Exit Game: "Mode" + "Start" (P1 controller only)
Add Credit: "Select"
Additional Controls
Power off: On the platform wheel, press "Start" > "Quit" > "Shutdown System"
In-game save: "Mode" + "X"
In-game load: "Mode" + "Y"
Add Bluetooth Controller
On the main platform selection wheel, press "Start", then select "Controller & Bluetooth Settings", then "Pair Bluetooth Pads Automatically". 
The easiest method of playing Wii is to use a generic USB or battery powered IR bar paired with a Wiimote.

If you have both components, turn on your IR bar, then launch a Wii game. Press "Sync" on your Wiimote. You should see a notification that it connected successfully on the top left of the screen.
Sinden Light Gun
1. Plug the Sinden into any USB port.
2. Hold down the left D-pad button until the crosshair stays centered.
3. Line up the sight and shoot the cursor in the center of the screen.
No Audio

Press "Start", then navigate to "System Settings", then "Audio Output". Select the HDMI option, then press "B" until you're back on the platform selection wheel. Audio should immediately play from the game video.

Game Won't Boot

Try using a different emulator to boot the game. While hovering over the game, press and hold "A" until a menu pops up. Navigate to "Advanced Settings", then "Emulator". Select an emulator, then press "Start" to exit. Try booting the game. If it doesn't work, try a different emulator, and boot the game again. 
Wireless Controller Doesn't Respond

If one of the controllers doesn't respond, and it simply blinks with red/green lights, turn off both controllers, and unplug them both. Plug both back in, then turn on one and press "Start". When that controller shows a solid red light, turn on the second controller and press start. 
Game is Frozen

If the standard method of Mode + Start isn't working to exit a game after around 10 seconds, you can press the power button on the front of the 6800H console to turn it off and back on, or hold it for 10 seconds for the 5600H console. This won't damage the system.
Why do games for PS3, Wii U and Switch stutter during gameplay? 

Emulators for newer systems load new textures and environments on the fly, in a process known as "shader caching". This is how these emulators work, and there is no configuration that will completely eliminate it. It's also not a hardware limitation, and the same stutter will occur even on cutting edge hardware. 

Why do PS3 games take so long to load? 
The first time a PS3 game loads takes far longer than every time after. This is normal, and there is unfortunately no way to speed the process up.

Adding Games

USB Thumb Drive:

Over Wifi:

Change Rendering Resolution
Some consoles will allow you to increase the rendering resolution without affecting performance. When the resolution is increased, jagged edges in older 3D games are smoothed out, which can help older games will look more modern. 
This isn't available for most systems. If you change it and performance is affected, you can change it back to the original settings. 

To access upscaling options (when available), select a system on the main platform wheel. Press Select, then Advanced System Options. You're looking for the term "Rendering Resolution". If available, select a multiple of the original resolution. Press B to back out to the game wheel, then press "A" start the game. 

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