What games are supported for product X? 

1TB Steam Deck Batocera SD Card

1TB Batocera Retro Console

2TB Batocera Mini PC

Wall Mounted Arcade - Gaming PC 


What's the difference between the 1TB and 2TB retro gaming consoles? 

The main difference is processing power. The 1TB console is ideal for emulating consoles up to the PS2 at full speed. The 2TB console is ideal for additionally emulating Wii U, PS3 and Switch at full speed. 


Do you take customization requests? 

Due to order volume, we unfortunately cannot accept customization requests. However, the software is incredibly user-friendly, and since it has already been pre-configured, adding games is drag-and-drop after attaching a keyboard and mouse. 

You can follow this video guide to add your own games.  


Which controllers are supported in Batocera? 

Please view this documentation for the full list. 


Can I use an existing hard drive with roms to expand my collection? 

Yes! Watch this video guide for more details. 


Do you ship internationally?

We do! You will see several shipping options at checkout. As consoles ship from the US, please check your local VAT / International taxes prior to ordering as we do not collect those fees at checkout. 

UK VAT taxes are 20% of the purchase price. 


What is the difference between the Wall Mounted Arcade "Gaming PC" and "Classic Arcade" models? 

The "Gaming PC" model is ideal for any home setting. It runs 20,000 titles for over 70 systems, and a more powerful PC to run a broader range of games. Arcade games are played with the arcade controls, and console games are played using two included wireless Playstation controllers. 

The "Classic Arcade" model is ideal for public settings such as bars, offices and Airbnbs. It runs 2,500 classic arcade games, all of which can be played using the built-in arcade controls. It's designed to be incredibly easy for anyone to walk up and play quick, casual arcade games. 


Do you offer pay-to-play versions of the "Classic Arcade" model? 

We do not offer coin or card based payment models as we believe it creates unnecessary friction for end users. If the cabinet is intended for a public setting, it should be expected that players will play free of charge. Any additional revenue should come as a result of the increased desirability of the space.  


Do you offer local pickup for Wall Mounted Arcade cabinets?

We do! You will be given the option to choose either freight shipping or local pickup at the checkout screen. 


Do you provide installation services for your arcade cabinets?

We do not. However, installation is similar to wall-mounting a TV, and it does not require special tooling other than a stud-finder. You can also use services like Thumbtack or TaskRabbit to find local installers for around $70-120, depending on your area.


How do you ship arcade cabinets?

Our shipments are sent using several different freight companies. Shipping providers and delivery times vary based on many different factors, but typically take between 5-10 days. Tracking information will be provided after the 4 week build period, after the pickup occurs. 


Do you offer vinyl wraps?

We do not. The powder coating we use is a fine-texture finish, and it does not provide an adequate surface for vinyl stickers. We do however provide custom powder coat options for an additional charge.


What is your return policy?

For the majority of our products, returns are accepted within 30 days of the delivery date, including a full refund. Wall Mounted Arcade cabinets are not eligible for return, but may be exchanged in the case of physical damage resulting from shipment.