Fix No-Sound

Press "Start" on your controller, scroll down to "System Settings", then "Audio Output". Select HDMI, then back out of the menu to the platform wheel. You should hear background music if it worked.


Game Does Not Load

If a game does not load, hover over the game in the game list, then hold down the A button on your controller. There you will see an option called "Advanced Game Options", with an option called "Emulator". Change the emulator from "Auto" to another emulator in the list, then attempt to boot the game again. If that doesn't work, try the next emulator on the list.  


Bluetooth Controller Setup

Press "Start" on your controller, scroll down to "Controllers Settings", then "Pair a Bluetooth Controller" to start scanning for it. 


Exit Game

Hotkey + Start


Turn Off Console

To turn off the console with your settings intact, press "Start" on your controller, scroll down to "Quit", then select "Shutdown System".


Select Theme

The theme refers to the overall look of the scroll wheels where platforms and games are displayed. You can change a theme by pressing "Start" on your controller, then "UI Settings" > "Theme Set"


Search Games

On the main platform wheel, select any platform and press "Select" then scroll left or right on "Jump To...", then press "A" to jump to that selection. 




Launchbox / Bigbox 


Setup Arcade / MAME Controls

Go to \Launchbox\Games\Arcade\Mame 227\, then open MAMEUI.exe.

Click on "Configure Options" > "General Inputs" > "Player 1 Controls", and setup your buttons. Press escape when complete to go back one menu, then select "Other Controls".

In "Other Controls", set your Coin and Start buttons. Press the escape button when complete, then click on "Return to previous menu", and select "Save Configuration".

Press escape to exit the emulator, then launch an arcade game from Launchbox to test your controls. 


Setup PS3 Controls

Go to \LaunchBox\Emulators\RPCS3, then launch the EXE.

Click on the "Pads" tab, then setup your buttons.

Exit the emulator and launch any game using LaunchBox to test your controls.


Setup Gamecube/Wii Controls

Go to \LaunchBox\Emulators\Dolphin\, then run the Dolphin.exe.

Click on "Controllers", under "Port 1" select "Standard Controller", then click on "Configure"

Once complete, exit the emulator, then go to LaunchBox and launch a Gamecube game to test your controls.


Setup Sega Model 3 Controls

Go to \LaunchBox\Emulators\Supermodel_Modonly, then click on the Sega Model 3 UI application.

Click on the "Control" tab under the picture, then click on "Config".

In the command prompt that appears, you can now map each botton.